About Us

Who We Are

We started in late 2019, by two professional multimedia designers Marika & Simba.
We launched during a super challenging time as it was just before the coronavirus outbreak. We are a black-owned brand based in Hertfordshire and are really passionate about creating affordable, sustainable and unisex streetwear. We break all the rules… Okay not all of them, but most of them. We work with super smart manufacturers and designers that assure all our clothes are wearable by both genders which allows us to have one category fits all rule. That’s right! so there’s no need to second guess whether the item is for you or not.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is straight to the point: fashion has no limitations, don’t take things too seriously. We’ve got a wardrobe that allows you to dress comfortable at home and still look good enough to go out.

Giving Back

We hand print our designs using vinyl which is 100% sustainable. Any items that are returned to us damaged or unsellable for any reason are washed and donated to the homeless as our way of giving back to the community so you will never have to feel guilty about affecting the planet we live in when buying from us. We also package our items using poly-bags which are 100% recyclable.